Mission of the Institution

As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to assist student to acquire a systematic and coherent body of knowledge to make a global manpower. Our motto is to provide qualitative,scientific and competative education in affordable fee structure. We are always commited help learners who are unprivilaged or has a low income to access the contemporary expense of higher education. The college is concerned to develop and get affilation on need based programs, making it friendly, accessible and innovative.


Our main objective is to provide higher education at minimum cost for financially weak students. We are looking forward to develop the attraction towards higher studies in indigenous and minority community. There is a belief that private college are more advanced and well facilitated than public colleges. So we are focused in provide social message, public campus can also provide the educational and physical services provided by the private institutions. Our objective is also to develop the responsibility of elected representatives of different levels towards public college. The college is determined to follow and implement rules and regulations of Trivuwan University. To participate in QAA of University Grand Commission (UGC) for organizational development, quality of curriculum, physical infrastructures development and fulfill all procedure of UGC.