About Us

Adarsha Saula College a reputed and leading community college established in 2062 B.S. by enthusiastic personalities to fulfill the contemporary need of each and every student leading as a global manpower. 13 years of its wonderful performance has undoubtedly made Adarsha Saula Colege famous as one of the foremost educaitonal insitution in Lalitpur district. Many studenst who have trained within its walis have been leading their successdul lives in different walks of life. The environment of the college postively enhances the learning process of students. College takes care of iits students in all spects providing them with all facilities and counseling for their academic, personal and social progress. Its situated in the quiet atmosphere away form the crowded city life, in the heart of Bagmati, Khokana, Sainbu, Chammpi areas connecting to Jawalakhel, Bungamati road Lalitpur district.

Teaching Methodology

Adarsha Saula College believes in student centered learning. Our Faculty members are well equipped with sufficient updated teaching tools and techniques. The college uses multiple techniques such as group work, business plan, skill development training, talk programmes, seminar, conference using different aids and methods such as multimedia, audio visual materials.


  • Classes of all streams run for six days form Sunday to Saturday.
  • Adarsha Saula runs its classes at morning shifts(6:30-9:50).

Scheme for Students

  • Free text books worth Rs. 3500/- on admission.
  • Students securing 1st diobjective will get Rs.1000/- discount.
  • Student with full payment on admission will get a Rs.1000/- discount.

What we have








Teacher and
Staff Members

What our students say

We’ve chosen a selection of student stories to give you a better insight into the warm, supportive environment, vibrant social scene and diverse opportunities you can look forward to Adarsha Saula College.

  • Adarsha Saula College teaches students in a very creative way and encourages them to achieve their dream. However, the college not only helps me to excel in the academic field but also teaches me a lot about different cultures and how to appreciate them.

    Kushal Shrestha BSW
  • It was a wonderful experience while studying at Adarsha Saula College. The study environment was a great fit for me and my professors and friends supported my academic journey.

    Pankaj Karki MBS
  • The college helps to keep my dreams alive. Most importantly it made me realize that to achieve anything requires faith, vision, determination, hard work, self-motivation and dedication.

    Samiksha Manandhar B.Ed.
  • It is a great pleasure being a part of Ambition College. It’s a great institution with the innovative approach to learning. The faculty members and staff are always helpful. The atmosphere is very good for learning.

    Surendra Poudel BBS